Nov 082010

An awesome article everyone should read before buying Christmas gifts.

Though I do disagree with his take on eReaders because for many of us the eReader is the way to go. We use it to READ. If I wanted to do PC stuff instead of relax I’d take my laptop with me instead!

Overall, though, it’s a good article & brings up many interesting points.

10 Gadgets That Will Be Trash Tomorrow: “10 Gadgets That Will Be Trash Tomorrow Today’s hottest tech gifts are tomorrow’s recycling trash, so beware before you put any of your holiday gift budget toward any of these 10 gadgets that are getting ready for the scrap heap.”

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  1. AMEN! I was like, "What? I LOVE my eReader." Computers have back lights and that is hard to read for long periods of time. I also want a Netbook have no interest in an iPad.

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