Apr 232010

Do you know that person who always brings the coolest baby shower gift? Everyone else is bringing the usual – and necessary – lotions and wipes and cute little outfits but this gift just blows them out of the water. I will admit – I try my hardest to be that person.

I’ll share a secret with you so you can, too.

I’m not crafty, don’t have awesome ideas, and can’t find my way through a scrap book to save my life but – Thank the dear LORD – I know how to find people to help!

I ordered a couple of tooth fairy pillows from her for my daughter & her cousin’s upcoming birthdays and a bib for an upcoming shower. (I’ve been looking everywhere for them but couldn’t find any I liked until I saw hers.) I emailed her told her that I had received these really cool cloth diapers for my last baby shower and I loved them but I’ve not been able to find anyone who sells them. Well, (I’m sure she laughed at me and then) she told me that I had just ordered one with the bib. OOPS. She said she didn’t typically sell them separately but since I wanted four that she would. (She only charged 2 for $15!) They all are so cute!

In comes Kristy at BabyPaige
So for your next shower or birthday party – visit Kristy at BabyPaige and be that person!

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