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2011 Challenge – Already?!? Get Steampunked! hosted by Bookish Ardour

Apparently, I love challenges because I’m joining yet another one. But again, I’m joining in on a challenge of books I already plan to read.

Get Steampunked!

Until the last couple of weeks I’d never heard of steampunk but after reading a bit more about it I think that the Jayne Ann Krentz books that I adore fit into the category. As do many of the books on my TBR page.
I think I’m going to try the smallest challenge level – Geared – because that’s only five books and I may find that this isn’t what I’m looking for after all.

BA Reading Challenges: Get Steampunked!

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4 thoughts on “2011 Challenge – Already?!? Get Steampunked! hosted by Bookish Ardour

  1. Good for you!! I am already thinking of reading challenges for 2011 too. I'm going to keep this one in mind as I do have three Steampunk novels on my "want to read" list right now…

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thanks for joining in Gina; I wanted to pay you a visit to welcome you to the challenge. I hope you have fun with it and I look forward to seeing what you end up reading.

    Good luck!

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