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2011 Challenge Progress: October Wraps

Well, October is over and we’ve had our first snowfall. It really has been quite an odd year!
As of October 31st my challenge status’ were:

I’ve progressed on:


I’ve reached my goal 20/52 wks. I really don’t think it’s happening… because it’s now cold & I DO NOT leave the house when it’s cold.

Bible in a Year

I’ve completed 278/365 days! I’m falling behind!

7/12 books. 58% done!

Alphabet Challenge

25/26 books. 96% done!Help me out please!!! Does anyone know of a character whose name begins with a ‘Y’?

3/12 books. 25% done! & I’m not even interested in finishing.

Classics Forever

7/12 books. 58% done! Again, Just not interested.

Oscar Wilde

2/4 books. 50% done! I’m about done with this one, too.

Monthly Miz-Up

71/74 books. 96% done! Only 3 to go!

2/15 books. 13% done!

5/12 books. 42% done!

1/2 books. 50% done!

5/10 books. 50% done!

Thus far, I’ve completed:

Reading Challenge Addict

While I’ve only finished 20/33 contests I entered, my requirement for this challenge was to complete 16+. So I’m 100% done!


While I’ve only finished 23 books, my requirement for this challenge was to complete 13-24. So I’m 100% done!

12/12 books. 100% done!

Just for Fun

13/12 books. 100% done! But, ummm, I’m only supposed to read 1 a month….

100/100 books. 100% done!

3/3 books. 100% done!

Harlequin Reading Challenge

5/5 books. 100% done!

Romance Reading

12/12 books. 100% done!

Chick Lit

4/4 books. 100% done!

It's Not What but Where

7/7 books. 100% done!

12/12 books. 100% done!

20/20 books. 100% done!

10/6 books. 166% done!

30/42 books. 63%

8/8 books. 100% done!

16/16 books. 100% done!

12/12 books. 100% done!

Read Your Own Books

12/12 books. 100% done!

Mystery & Suspense

12/12 books. 100% done!

Netgalley July

19/17 books. 100% done! Yup – I finished!

Get Steampunked!

5/5 books. 100% done!

NetGalley October

15/15 books. 100% done!

New Challenges:

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2 thoughts on “2011 Challenge Progress: October Wraps

  1. WOW. Just… wow. First you are challenged craze. But WOW. You're rocking those challenges! I'm so impressed. 😀

    I haven't looked too closely at mine in a while… right now I'm just determined to reach that 100 book goal. I'm currently at 85, so it's going to be VERY CLOSE!

    I'm thinking about the 'Y' character… will get back to you on that one.

  2. WOW WOW you signed up for 33 challenges? 33? I have my glasses on but am I really seeing 33? Oh my good friend..we need an intervention LOL.

    WTG!!! 100 books read.. you are my idol!!!

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