Aug 182011

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Ellie has it all.


She’s gorgeous.
She’s been offered prominent jobs all over the country as a surgeon.
Her sister stole her fiancé.
She has a stalker.
Oh, did I mention that there’s a hit man after her, as well.

Ellie’s taken out hundreds of bullets, she’s just never had to take one out after she watched it go in. All she needs to do it to get through this fiasco and she can go home and watch her baby sister marry her ex-fiancé. Easy, right? Well, it would be if the bullet-wounded agent’s partner wasn’t her complete antithesis – or so very mouth-watering.

Hott Review

I need to preface this by saying the I’ve never met a Julie Garwood book I didn’t like and, thankfully, this was right up with my favorites. I absolutely loved the characters. They have depth and always have a lot going on – like each of us – which makes them so much more believable.

The plot wasn’t anything new – a girl witnesses a crime and is then chased by a hit man – but the dialog and the characters are what makes this book so much fun to read. I devoured it in an evening – I just couldn’t stop until I turned that last page.

Rating: A+
Steam: Adult
Publisher: Dutton Adult Publish Date: August 9th 2011
ISBN: 052595225X Price: $15.86(GR)
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  1. I liked this one too :) The only downside was the sister storyline but the relationship between the two leads was great. I loved his partner and his wife texting her all the time!

  2. I enjoyed this one as well. I really loved the witty interplay. I didn't like the ending to the sister story but that's because I'm mean and stubborn I guess.

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