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Hott Synopsis

Eve is SO ready to to get out of these heels she wears only because she loves that man she married – when work stumbles though the door of the party.

Work in the form of a man holding a knife, covered only in blood and mumbling incoherently about the murdered woman. Eve follows the blood though the hotel to find not only a maliciously murdered woman, but also the remains of a ritual gone wrong.

Hott Review

What I liked: I loved that this novella, like so many of the others, deals primarily in the paranormal. I also like that if you’re not a fan — you can skip these and miss nothing.
What I didn’t like: It was just a bit freaky. It wasn’t a bad book, just a bit off tune for me.


Author: J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)
Source: I purchased this from on July 15, 2011
Grade: B
Steam: Pretty Graphic
Series: In Death, 27.5
- Naked in Death, 1
- Glory in Death, 2
- Immortal in Death, 3
- Rapture in Death, 4
- Ceremony in Death, 5
- Vengeance in Death, 6
- Holiday in Death, 7
- Midnight in Death, 7.5
- Conspiracy in Death, 8
- Loyalty in Death, 9
- Witness in Death, 10
- Judgment in Death, 11
- Betrayal in Death, 12
- Interlude in Death, 12.5
- Seduction in Death, 13
- Reunion in Death, 14
- Purity in Death, 15
- Portrait in Death, 16
- Imitation in Death, 17
- Remember When: Big Jack, 17.5
- Divided in Death, 18
- Visions in Death, 19
- Survivor in Death, 20
- Origin in Death, 21
- Memory in Death, 22
- Haunted in Death, 22.5
- Born in Death, 23
- Innocent in Death, 24
- Eternity in Death, 24.5
- Creation in Death, 25
- Strangers in Death, 26
- Salvation in Death, 27
- Ritual in Death, 27.5
- Promises in Death, 28
- Kindred in Death
- Missing in Death, 29.5
- Fantasy in Death, 30
- Indulgence in Death, 31
- Possession In Death, 31.5
- Treachery in Death, 32
- New York to Dallas, 33
- Chaos in Death, 33.5
- Celebrity in Death, 34


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