Sep 022012

A city councilman in Utah , Mark Easton, had a beautiful view of the east mountains, until a new neighbor purchased the lot below his house and built a new home.

The new home was 18 inches higher than the ordinances would allow, so Mark Easton, mad about his lost view, went to the city to make sure they enforced the lower roof line ordinance. The new neighbor had to drop the roof line, at great expense.

Recently, Mark Easton called the city, and informed them that his new neighbor had installed some vents on the side of his home… Mark didn’t like the look of these vents and asked the city to investigate.

When they went to Mark’s home to see what the vents looked like, this is what they found…

(a friend forwarded this to me…)

Do you think maybe the councilman has learned a lesson?

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  1. Oh my goodness, that’s hilarious! You have to give the neighbor credit for being creative!

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