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A Midnight Clear

This is the second novella contained in ‘A Magical Christmas Present’. Book one is ‘The Ghost of Christmas Past’ by Eugenia Riley, and book three is “Promises to Keep” by Victoria Alexander.

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Returning to Woodbridge, Vermont after being away for many years Catherine wonders how much has really changed. Sure she writes to them frequently but how much can you really learn about a person from a letter? Her sister has practically grown in the time she has been away. Her parents are older. But will they be the same people she adored when she left?

But what mother really wants to about know is… the suitors. Are there any specials one who may have taken Catherine’s heart? Possibly. And he’s so appropriate. So wordly. So rich. So why doesn’t everyone like him? Why is Catherine hesitating?

My Thoughts

This was such a cute book. Catherine tried her best to do what was appropriate. She didn’t want to seem like a… well, hick. Yet, things weren’t quite as black and white in a small town as they are in Paris or New York. It was sweet. Just a bit of language that I’d worry about for younger readers.

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Steam: Very sweet. Appropriate for a teen.

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