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Review | A Pioneer Christmas Collection

9 Stories of Finding Shelter and Love in a Wintry Frontier

Defending Truth

Truth can’t believe it when she encounters a Tory on her mountain! Her father is still off defending the area from those silly Torris and this man, Will, is here starving. Well, God put him in her path for a reason. Hopefully, he’ll leave before her father returns – or he eats her out of house and home!

Review: So cute! I enjoyed this novella but it was so full that it didn’t feel like a novella at all!!

Author: Shannon McNear
Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Setting: 1781 North Carolina

The Calling

Should Ethan follow his heart or follow his calling.
Ethan has been hiding from his legacy – his father and grandfather are preachers – because he’s just afraid. Well, except when he’s in Milly’s tavern. Until he gets his life straight he can’t be a husband – especially, if he’s pioneering for God.

Review:I loved this! It was so sweet and fun. The bickering and relationships in this tavern were perfect!

Author: Kathleen Fuller
Grade: A+
Ages: 16+
Setting: 1820 Ohio

A Silent Night

Iain never came home and Lorna, totally unprepared to make it it alone with her daughter, Ashton, is left struggling to know God’s will. Especially, with the two men offering their help.

Review: This was the sweetest novella I’ve read in a long time. Though definitely a novella, A Silent Night is a must have on your reading list.

Author: Anna Urquhart
Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Setting: 1830 Michigan Territory

A Pony Express Christmas

Alone on a trail searching desperately for her missing brother, Ellie May comes upon an imminent hanging. Deciding upon looking at the group that her best chance was with the soon to be hanged, Michael, she purchases him from his pursuers and puts him right to work. But will Michael be able to rescue her from this disastrous mission she’s bent on and help her to find her brother?

Review: A Pony Express Christmas sucked me right in. I couldn’t say what was my favorite part of this because it was amazing! It was fun, silly, action-packed, and interesting. There were facts and verses mixed in with the most delightful conversation!!

Author: Margaret Brownley
Grade: A+
Ages: 16+
Setting: 1862 Nebraska Territory

A Christmas Castle

Married by proxy, Annie arrives at her new home to find a grave and little girl – one she was completely unaware of but is now responsible for. Within twenty-four hours she’s offered marriage by two very different men. Can God show her the right path to follow?

Review: I loved every word!Just couldn’t put this one down. Plus, it had some very wonderful nudges about how a husbands needs to be treated that were very timely!

Author: Cynthia Hickey
Grade: A+
Ages: 16+
Setting: 1867 Arizona Territory

The Cowboy’s Angel

What’s a cowboy to do?
On the way to his boss’s northern territory Jeremiah comes upon a very sick man who dies moments after asking Jeremiah to check on his family. Jeremiah arrives to find an hours old baby, young boy, and new widow deep in the snow and without hope to make it through to spring. Jeremiah’s conscience won’t let him leave but he can’t stay either…

Review: At first The Cowboy’s Angel seemed like another I’d read in this book but as I kept reading I realized how absolutely different and wonderful it really was. I really can use Belle’s thankfulness as an example!

Author: Lauraine Snelling
Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Setting: 1875 Dakota Territory

A Badlands Christmas

Is he serious? When her father tells Noela and her sister Bea that they’re visiting Medora for Christmas they’re in shock. But when they arrive to find that this is their new home and they’ve moved from New York City life to a crumbling Soddy in the middle of nowhere. Can God be found in this vast wilderness?

Review: WOW. I really loved this. The romance was downplayed to Noela fixing her relationships with her family and God.

Author: Marcia Gruver
Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Setting: 1885 Dakota Territory

Buckskin Bride

What’s a girl to do?

Father left Milly in charge of her two sisters several weeks ago and hasn’t returned. When the youngest sister, Jess, breaks her ankle the girls end up at the mercy of brothers living in the area. If only Father hadn’t told them to stay away from men…


Author: Vickie McDonough
Setting: 1889 Oklahoma Territory

The Gold Rush Christmas

“How often had Mama warned Samantha to use her head and curb Peter’s fancies? How many times had Mama told her to watch out for bookish Miles?” Yet, here she is on a trip to Alaska disguised as a boy and searching for her father as Miles gets himself into trouble and Peter guides them unwittingly.

Review: For me this just wasn’t a great close to the book. It didn’t have enough pull.

Author: Michelle Ule
Grade: DNF
Ages: —
Setting: 1897 Alaska

Hott Review:

This was a really long book and took me forever to read but I loved every second – I even purchased a physical copy to share!


Source: Barbour via Netgalley (a really long time ago!)
Grade: A
Ages: 16+
Steam: YA
Setting: Historic US


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