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A Summer in Sonoma

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Marty, Julie, Cassie, and Beth have been friends since the seventh grade but will their friendship help them fix themselves?

Marty is sick to death of her husband Joe. Ever since he slipped that ring on her finger he’s acted like he doesn’t need to do anything to keep her. He doesn’t shower, he doesn’t clean up his dishes, he doesn’t take her out. Is Marty asking for too much – or is Joe giving too little?

Julie see over their bills to their life. She used to love spending time with the family but right now she just feels guilty for what she isn’t able to give them. The kids don’t get McDonald’s, they don’t get to give ‘real’ presents, they don’t get to eat meat. Billy is the love of Julie’s life, they were high school sweethearts, but now she’s drowning and he just tells her to stop worrying. On top of all of that – Julie thinks she could just be pregnant…

Cassie has never had a stable person in her life except her friends. Is that why she keeps picking loosers. So when what should have been a normal date ends up as a struggle Cassie decides that she’s not going to date any more. But the Harley man seems like a good friend to keep around.

Beth has the perfect life – or so the others think. She’s an obstetrician and loves her job but she lost at love when she got breast cancer at twenty-five. Now still alone five years later she’s facing cancer again and just can’t tell anyone and deal with those pitying looks. Can she keep this a secret? 

I really enjoyed this book. It was just perfect as a summer read. It has action but it’s not too stressful, it’s emotional but there’s no gut-wrenching sorrow, it’s romantic but not sleazy. This was my first taste of Robyn Carr and I’ll be back!

What I didn’t like – the end. Yes, in some ways it was feasible but her personality up to that point was very stable and then she did two one-eighty’s in a few hours. And she wasn’t even pregnant! It wasn’t a terrible ending and overall I thought it played well but, for me, at least, that scene didn’t fit into the book as well as maybe it could have.

By no means, skip this book because of two pages that I didn’t like. The rest of the book by far makes up for that little bit that just didn’t fit.

Rating: B+
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