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A Time to Heal by Barbara Cameron

Hott Synopsis

Chris Matlock knows better than to pin his hopes on one person but he just can’t seem to keep from thinking that Jenny has found the answer.

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The last time he saw Jenny she was suffering from PTSD and then he received her letters and felt the peace and contentment she was able to find in Paradise.

Paradise, Pennsylvania. Who would have thought that becoming Amish and giving up all of the comforts the modern age has to offer would have given her contentment? But Chris has to try. He needs the peace she’s found. He reads his Bible daily and, though he’s still having trouble understanding why God allows things to happen, follows the Lord.

Will Chris be able to let go of his soldier lifestyle and allow God to rule? Will he finally forgive himself for his sins? Will he ever stop looking over his shoulder for the retribution he knows is chasing his very steps?

Hott Review

Huh. I enjoy Amish books. I don’t love them nor long for them as so many do. For me they’re a bit like cleansing the palette between genres. I don’t search them out but do find myself reading them when I’m getting fed up with stereotypical books.

The Quilts of Lancaster County Series is a nice change of pace. These are books about non-Amish Americans experiencing the Amish community as friends and family. It’s quite interesting to see the reactions of different people to the Amish. It is also funny to see how maybe we don’t see them as people but instead see only ‘the shell.’

In this book, Barbara Cameron took an event that, though fictional, strongly mirrored the basic facts of an actual event that shook me and intrigued me. I’ve often wondered about the parties involved and ‘what really happened.’

Rating: B+
Steam: Nada
Series: The Quilts of Lancaster County 2
Publisher: Abingdon Press Publish Date: February 2nd 2011
ISBN: 1426707649 Price: $8.61(GR)
Others in the series: A Time to Heal

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