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Review: A Vampire in her Stocking

This is the second of three novellas in ‘The Bite Before Christmas’ Heidi Bett’s Vampiritic take on Christmas romance. Book 1 was ‘All I Vant For Christmas’ and Book 3 is ‘It’s a Wonderful Bite’.

After all these years of working with Nick, Vivian finds out that he’s at death’s door with an inoperable brain tumor.

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What does she do about it? Well, this was the catalyst Vivian needed to finally show Nick how she really feels… on his desk, at that. Then she cries on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

Angelina doesn’t get what Viv’s big problem is. She’s a vampire isn’t she? Just turn Nick immortal and be done with it… who cares that he doesn’t like vampires – or know that Vivian is one?

My Thoughts

It was quite ummm, graphic. It started graphic on the second or third page and progressed. I had to skip quite a bit and make sure no one was near enough to me to read over my shoulder. The story was okay but I had a bad taste in my mouth from the beginning.

Rating: C
Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Steam: Oh me, oh my…. it seared my eyes & I had to skip several pages… not good especially when it’s a short to begin with

**This book was a Free Friday book from BN.com

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