Hott Books is a dream come true for me, Gina Hott.

I’m a married mother of three who spends my spare time either cheering at my kids various sporting events or reading. I read a bit of everything, including previewing books for her plethora of nieces and nephews.

Before you submit your request for me to review your book there are some things you should know:

My current lead time for a review is 2-6 months. I’m spending most of my time reading books I’ve purchased and still not read and books that have been recommended to me by friends.

I typically read books in the genres of: Contemporary Romance, Christian Romance, Historical Romance, YA, Middle-Grade, Children’s fiction, and mystery.

I accept books only in English. I do not review books that have been translated.

I will not read or review books including but not limited to: horror, graphic violence, serial novels, non-fiction, erotica, LGBTQIA, Horror, Gore, Political, Conspiracy, or anything else that just doesn’t appeal to me at the moment.

I rarely accept Non-Fiction.

I do not like when my form is not completely correctly or completely. If you don’t have the time to answer my questions, I won’t make time to review your book. I do not like when submitters are offended that I won’t review their book. If I’m not interested, my review will be a waste of time on both our parts.

I do not advertise on my blog.

If all of this is fine with you, or if you’d just like to say Hi I’d love to hear from you!