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Hott Synopsis

When Charlotte is shocked from a deep sleep by an intruder in the hallway outside her bedroom door she finally decides that it’s not safe anymore to stay where she is and so she’ll need to take sister Ariel and run.

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Not only did they run but they found themselves an occupation that assisted other ladies that found themselves in the predicament that Charlotte and Ariel recently escaped.

Five years later, Charlotte finds herself in need of a bodyguard. One of her clients has recently been murdered and it seems that Charlotte may know more that the killer wants known. She’s hoping to kill two birds with one stone though and employ a new man-of-affairs with the same person. She’d prefer someone with no passion, no style, no mystique. What she gets is St. Ives.

Baxter St. Ives, on the other hand, can’t believe that she thinks he won’t do. Is she nuts? He isn’t memorable, has never had passion, is the most even tempered man that can be found. Of course, he’s not a man-of-affairs either. He’s an Earls bastard but only in birth not manner, as so many are. Baxter applies for the position to determine whether Charlotte may be the murderer, but he finds out so much more.

Hott Review

I’ve enjoyed this several times! Each time I read ‘Affair’ I find it that much more enticing. First, I love the Alchemy side to the books. Chemistry is a love of mine and I thoroughly enjoy it’s inclusion in the plot. Second, it seems so much more romantic to me when someone sees beyond the persona projected to even your closest relatives and sees the real person underneath. Last, I love books about the eldest, responsible child loving and caring for their younger siblings (don’t I? My darlings?).

Author: Amanda Quick, JAK
Rating: A
Steam: Adult
Publisher: Bantam Publish Date: 1997
ISBN: 0553574078 Price: $3.91(GR)

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