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Review | All Mascara is Not Created Equal

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media are sending mixed messages about the way we, as women, are to live our lives. Catch phrases like “YOLO” and “swag” are distorting the ideals that we should strive for. Women have more to contribute to society than being sexy, and we certainly shouldn’t attach our worth to how many likes we get on a selfie.

As a mother to a tween daughter and a teenage son, I have learned a few things about life along the way. This book is full of valuable tips or bits of wisdom that I have learned, or heard from my parents, while growing up.

Some of them are quite spiritual and have helped me through some difficult times. Some of them are practical and certainly would have helped me to avoid some major overreactions to the silliest of things. Some are just plain amusing. They stem from those eureka moments where I was like “That is so true!” Like, who knew that the thread count of sheets really does make a difference?

This is not just another book where a mother and her daughter walk hand-in-hand in the garden as the mom passes along life lessons. This book is more of a woman-to-woman guidebook for life.

Now about mascara…how many of you look at celebrities and are like, there is no way their lashes can be that full! You’ve tried to layer coat after coat with your mascara and wonder why your lashes still look like, well, your lashes. You think, am I applying this wrong? Maybe I need a special brush? No.

All mascara is NOT created equal! This was news to me. I don’t care how much your current mascara costs, it still might not be good. There ARE mascaras that are superior to others. You just need to find the right one.

So, as you read through the pages of this book, grab a cup of tea, and let these tips sink in. Don’t get distracted by what society is trying to tell you to become; walk in the plan God has for you. You are God’s beautiful creation, and He has a wonderful plan for your life.

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Hott Review:

As I sat down to read “All Mascara is Not Created Equal”, my pre-teen daughter cuddled next to me watching tv, I thought about how I love all of the odd advice my mom & gram gave me as I was growing up. The advice that I rolled my eyes about thinking that they had no clue, but later found useful. This book is packed full of that advice. Written in the form of useful snippets. These wise words can be used to serve as useful reminders, helpful hints, or helpful social media posts.
Before I was even a few pages into the book, my daughter was reading over my shoulder and we were laughing and talking about these astute tidbits. About the third time she said, “that’s what you say,” it was followed by “guess you really do know.” Poor child. Thank you Ms. Landmon for giving me a few hours of “Mom knows what she’s talking about” with my girl! 😉


Author: Jessica Landmon
Source: PR by the Book
Grade: A+
Ages: 12+
Steam: Nada
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Author Bio:

Jessica is the founder of Women Get Real Ministries and devotes her life to addressing women’s issues such as anxiety, fear and faith in a Godly manner that enlightens the lives around her. She has ministered women’s groups for over a decade and hopes to bring as many women as possible into Christ. Jessica loves what she does and plans to continue her work for as long as God has her her work in His image. She is happily married and blessed with two wonderful children. She currently resides in Southbury, Connecticut.

For more information about her and her ministry work, go to:
http://www.womengetreal.org/ twitter facebook


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