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Emma Rae adores being a baker. She and her sidekick Fee have been at it for years. They are now an award-winning well-oiled team. So it’s not shocking that when Emma is offered a position at the newly wedding themed Tanglewood hotel.Jackson can’t believe his luck! He managed to snag the award winning baker for his wife’s dream hotel! Desi will be so happy! Or at least she would if she hadn’t died of cancer. Jackson will fulfill her dream though – with the help of his sisters.When Jackson and Emma have a chance meeting in a closet where they’re each hiding from family members they start a friendship that Emma’s sure will lead to much more – if Jackson can ever get over the death of his wife.

My Thoughts

This was such a romantic book! It was sweet. I believe that this book is a terrific read for so many people. There are tons of wedding hints, family tips, and recipes shoved into this book it’s worth buying it just for that!! (Oh and I so want to try the crème brulee wedding cake!!)

I adored Emma. I liked her attitude – though she did seem a bit too perfect to me. Her only real ‘faults’ were that she refused to acknowledge God and avoided her parents. Not that they aren’t doosies but other than that she almost seemed too good to be true.

Emma’s Aunt Sophie was the crown jewel of the book. I thought she was absolutely the best! I loved how the author showed how wonderful and innocent some people become when they get the dreaded disease – Alzheimer’s.

What I didn’t like about the book: Emma’s parents. I really liked that the author showed the value of marriage, how one marriage can effect so many others, and the importance of sticking through the rough spots but even though I understood and know that things like that really happen it irked me! (Sorry, no spoilers here!)

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy!!
Steam: I’d give it a PG. There was some smooching but it was a really classy romance.

** Many of the books I review are Advance Review Copies. These books are loaned to me for my review this one in particular came to me from Abingdon Press through NetGalley. I am in no way compensated for my time nor am I asked to give anything but my honest review.

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