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Amy Inspired

Post-it’s, and Schedules, and Lists, Oh my!

BNAmazonGRCBD – Author

Such is Amy’s life. There is no pleasure. No fun. No leap of faith. It’s all comfortable.

A comfortable boyfriend – she doesn’t love him but he’s okay. A comfortable job – Amy left a teaching position she loved to go back to school and become a write somehow she just stayed at the school and began teaching.

When will she go out on a limb and date the wrong guy? Will she stand firm and not date guys that don’t believe in God? Will she gain some convictions?

Amy knows what she wants: she wants to be married, she wants to be happy, and, above all, Amy wants to be a writer but how much is she willing to give to get those things?

My Thoughts

This book was a bit hard for me to read, for some reason I just seemed to miss the point. Maybe it was because I didn’t understand Amy. She always seemed a bit defeated to me. She didn’t really strive for more. She wasn’t content yet didn’t do anything about it.

I’m a do-er. I try to be content in whatever situation God puts me in but that doesn’t mean I’m not upwardly mobile. I may take a menial position to get my foot in the door but I’ll work and improve until I show ‘them’ I can be the employee they need. I don’t just accept that everything moves along leaving me behind. Seeing those almost defeated tendencies in Amy I just didn’t enjoy her as much as I’d hoped.

However, I did understand many thing about Amy that kept me reading. I got her obsession with writing – even though she seemed so afraid to put herself on the paper. Instead of just writing and then improving upon it she sough to have the perfect manuscript the first time. I got her organization – for me, it’s almost a fear of forgetting because we all know the world will end if I forget my dry-cleaning! I understood her need to be ‘with’ someone – even though she knows his atheism will never work for her.

Rating: C+
Buy or Borrow: Borrow
Steam: Nada

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