Sau What?!?
So, I’m at the Post Office.

I stood in line fro twenty minutes with only one teller. There were LOTS of other employees there but none that could “take money”.

I finally got to the teller and she went though the spiel – is there anything liquid, perishable, blah, blah, blah…

“No, it’s only books, I’m not in a hurry.”

“Does this need to be there quickly?”

“No, it’s only books.”


“How will you be paying for this?”

“Credit Card.”

“Okay please slide your card.”My thoughts

I sign the electronic signature thingy. The receipt starts to print. “May I see your card?”

I hand it to her.

“I can’t accept this. There is no signature.”

“It says request ID”

“I know but it must be signed. See? That’s what my sign says.” She points to the sign next to the register.

“What would you like for me to do?”

The teller hands me a pen and says “please, sign it.”

THEN…. she takes the card from me and holds it next to my electronic signature to verify it…. Yup.

“Do you want my ID?”

“No, I have your signature right here.” She smiles at me. “It matches.”

And all I could think as I walked out was – she has kids.

And they wonder why they’re going out of business…

6 Replies to “And She Took a Test To Get This Job…”

  1. I try to avoid purchasing postage from the post office at all costs. I usually just order flat rate boxes for free online and purchase my postage through Paypal, then schedule a free pickup. It can be a bit of a headache going in that place.

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