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I must admit I don’t think I’ve even seen anything quite as wonderful as this award in my inbox. I can only say that I’m sorry it took so very long to respond – my weekend was booked with school functions & soccer games.. ahh, well, such is the life of a mom.

Cheryl with CMash loves to read has graciously bestowed upon me the XXtraordinary Blogger award. Her post was so sweet and thankful and gushing that I know I could never hope to be so articulate – therefore, I won’t even try!

The Award Criteria:
This award is awarded to those bloggers that:

1~ post almost everyday, if not every
2~ reply to every comment that’s posted
3~ just down right LOVE blogging!

The Award Rules:
Share one extraordinary thing that’s happened to you then pass this award along to 5 Xxtraordinary bloggers.

My Extraordinary Thing: 
I’ve always spent time reading. I’ve always had an organized book shelf. I’ve always lived my life in the alternate universe known as ‘the library.’ I enjoy telling stories – especially about my kids – and I love to see people laugh. However, I really do not have many friends – probably because I always have a book shoved in my face…
It finally occurred to me when I created my boss’s blog that maybe I’d enjoy at least keeping a running list of what I’ve read and where I am in a series – but it never occurred to me that people would enjoy hearing what I have to say.
So my extraordinary thing is that something so helpful for me has become a blessing – I’ve made friends and found people to talk to that enjoy the same things I do – books & adorable kids!
Thank you all for taking me in and making me a part of your community!!
Lots of Love! Gina

5 Bloggers I believe are Extraordinary:
Randomness & Reading by Christine – http://crysteena73.blogspot.com/
Crazy for Books – 
Reading Angel – http://readingangel002.blogspot.com/
The Book Junkie’s Bookshelf – http://thebookjunkiesbookshelf.blogspot.com/

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5 thoughts on “Award

  1. Thanks so much for the award, Gina! I'm so flattered that you enjoy my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It really is pretty awesome how some really wonderful friendships can blossom through something so simple as having a book blog on the internet, isn't it?

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