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Becky Due announces Kindle Giveaway!

I just saw the coolest thing at Pump Up Your Book…

Becky Due announces Kindle Giveaway!:

Becky Due, author of the new women’s fiction novel, The Dumpster (Due Publications), is giving away a FREE KINDLE ($139 value)!

Here are the details:

1. Buy one of her novels (The Dumpster, Returning Injury, Touchable Love, The Gentlemen’s Club) and read it.

2. Post your review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your Facebook or Blog page by February 28, 2011 (That’s one review–posted three times)

3. Contact Becky with a note that you have posted your review (3 times) by February 28, 2011

*Must contact Becky through her website http://www.beckydue.com, click on Contact Becky Due on the left sidebar. Your note to her must include the name you put on the review, the date of the review and links so she can read the posted review.

Her favorite review wins a (the newer, $139) Kindle. Wait…there’s more! If she has 3 favorites, she’ll give away 3 Kindles!

Remember – deadline is February 28, 2011. Hurry over to Amazon, pick up one of her books, read it, post the review and contact her!

Good luck!

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