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Between Two Ends

Hott Synopsis

Twenty years ago Yeats’ father began to slowly lose his mind.

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Today Yeats travelled with his arguing, depressed, anxious parents to visit the grandmother he’s never known in a house where he’s allowed to touch nothing. It’s quite disturbing but Yeats can handle anything. He has been protecting his father for quite a while.

But nothing prepares Yeats for the magical well, the pirate bookends, or the Arabian Nights. Are you prepared? Is Yeats courageous enough to fix his father’s regrets?

Hott Review

This was absolutely fascinating! I will admit that it took some work to get through the first fifty pages but by that time the story was so well set up that I couldn’t have stopped if I’d wanted to. It completely drew me in and had me begging for more.

On the child front, it was hard to keep the kids interested in the beginning and my oldest wouldn’t read it until I got them through the set up and into the adventure. After that they were all encompassed.

Author: David Ward
Rating: B
Steam: Nada

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