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Bless This Mouse

The mice living at Saint Bartholemew’s must prepare.

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For the coming Blessing of the Animals. It may be held indoors this year and everyone knows what that means… CATS!

All they must do is to keep everyone out of site. As long as the parishioners think that only one mouse lives at the church they’ll be fine but if they find that it’s hundreds, well… ‘The Great X.’ Yes, you’ve guessed it. The mice will be eliminated.

Whose job will it be to keep the mouselets out of site? Hopefully their parents…

My Thoughts

What I liked: It was really cute. I loved the main character, Hildegarde, and Ignatious, they really just cracked me up! The kids all enjoyed this book. (The boys pretended not to listen but every time I looked up their eyes were focused on me.) Overall, we all enjoyed reading this

What I didn’t like: There were several sections where I started to worry about whether I’d be able to continue and several paragraphs I skipped over. I’m not ready to have the reproduction discussion with my seven year old and the book was a bit graphic for my tastes.

Rating: C+
Buy or Borrow: Buy
Child Factor: It’s not bad for as young as 6 but you may want to gloss over a few areas.

** Many of the books I review are Advance Review Copies. These books are loaned to me for my review. I am in no way compensated for my time nor am I asked to give anything but my honest review.

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2 thoughts on “Bless This Mouse

  1. The cover was cute – it actually was why I grabbed it. However, I kept pausing to read a paragraph before reading it to Zany… until she decided to read for herself. Then I wouldn't let her sit on my lap anymore. It was hilarious!

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