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Blown Away

Hott Synopsis

Thinking her day can’t get any worse than finding a clown corpse,

Blown Away
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Hilde is surprised when she’s escorted to the cemetery. She’s shocked upon being released – hours later – to find that they suspect her boyfriend of murdering the poor clown. But she can barely barely contain her astonishment hours later when a hurricane travels right down her street.

Hopefully, she’ll be able to bury the clown, find the murderer and fix their neighborhood in just as short a time.

Hott Review

I enjoyed the last book in the series but had forgotten much of what happened, luckily there were enough explained references that even if I’d not read the previous book I didn’t need to worry.

Author: Nancy Mehl
Rating: B
Steam: Y/A
Series: Hometown Mysteries 2
Publisher: Barbour Books Price: $5.33 (GR)

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