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Hello, all!!

I know, I’ve been doing a  terrible job at keeping everyone updated on my progress in the Book Blogger’s Anonymous Challenge. I apologize for that!

In some ways I’ve done really well. In others, not so much.

I was buying 5-10 books every week. I decided that I wasn’t going to buy anymore books until I had read all of the galleys I’d gotten and all of the books I’d already purchased. Well, that did not go so well. I didn’t take into account sales. I mean who can pass up a brand new book by a favorite author on sale? So, here’s what I bought from July 6th – August 5th:

  • July 22, Tamed by a Laird, $1.99 (Nook)
  • July 22, Border Moonlight, $1.99 (Nook)
  • July 28, Where Angels Go, $1.34 (Nook)
  • July 28, Divorced, Desperate, & Deceived, $2.56 (Nook)
  • July 28, A Magical Christmas Present, $2.11 (Nook)
  • August 2, Confessions of a Shopaholic, $0.99 (Nook)
  • August 2, Midnight Crystal, $6.99 (Nook)
I also said I was not going to download anymore free books. That was just silly. In the past month I’d ‘purchased’ TONS of FREE ebooks for my Nook. I’ve decided that it’s just silly to not ‘purchase’ FREE books from BN.com. I may never read the classics but if I ever want to all I’ll have to do is read. And I’m sure that the kids will need to read at least some of these for school. 
That being said. I’ve re-vamped my BBA pledge:
– I will ‘purchase’ free books that look like they will interest me in the future
– I will buy one book for every 5 I remove from my TBR pile
– I will buy any book that is already on my wishlist and is on sale for less than $4.00
What about you? Have you changed your BBA Book Ban?

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