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Book Soulmates Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2010

How much hopping around have you been doing? Me? Not so much because I’m just so sleepy lately. Even so I’ve seen a ton of hype about the scavenger hunt going on at Book Soulmates.

Here’s how it works:

– Vanessa and Isalys have decided on a word that will be split and scrambled.
– Each day, starting on the 12/1, ONE blogger will feature ONE letter button (that we’ll provide) on their blog for a period of THREE day (which Book Soulmates will assign).
– Participants will follow clues (provided by Book Soulmates) that will lead them to your blog to seek out the “letter of the day”.
– The chosen word is 10 letters, therefore the contest will run for 10 days with the help of 10 bloggers
– At the end of the 10th day, the participants will have all the letters that they need to un-scramble the mystery word.
– From there, they’ll each have one week to unscramble the word and submit their entry.
– The entries will be thrown into a random drawing for a GRAND CHRISTMAS PRIZE of a batch of author autographed books!

Here’s a quick run-through on the timeline:

The contest will officially start on Wednesday, 12/1 with Book Soulmates hosting the first letter. The contest will end with the final letter on Wednesday, 12/15. Participants will have until Tuesday, 12/21 to submit their entry and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, 12/22. The package will ship immediately upon receipt of the winner’s address so it should get there before the New Years.

I’ll give you a hint… I’ll have a letter… or did I do that already?

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