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Cape Refuge

Morgan and Blair spend all of their time fighting.The book begins with them fighting the city council in order to save their parent’s bed and breakfast. It’s completely understandable that the city council would want to shut them down – they harbor released inmates!
Next they fight the police chief. Why on earth would he, the best man in Morgan and Jonathan’s wedding, believe that Morgan’s husband, Jonathan, had killed her parents?They also fight each other.
Well, that’s perfectly understandable.
– They’re sisters.
– The city council is trying to shut down their parents ministry.
– Morgan’s husband is in jail.
– Someone is trying to kill them.
– Blair wants an answer to why she has these scars.
– Someone is offering them beau-coup bucks for their parents bed and breakfast.
I actually didn’t expect to enjoy this book very much. It’s a Christian mystery that I picked up free from Barnes & Noble and I honestly thought it would be bland. Truth be told, though it was an awesome book. I’ll have to just pick up the next in her series.Rating: A

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