Our family spends lots of time together. I’m not talking about myself, hubby, & the kids. I’m talking about his parents, his brothers, and their families. We are actually all very close – we have dinner together every Thursday and visit Grandma’s together on Sundays after church. My kids hang out […]


A couple of years ago…. We had the kids yearly physicals today. Zany was ready to get her shots because it was her 5 year check up. I had completely forgotten that the boys appointments were scheduled because they needed their chicken pox boosters. Keep in mind as you read […]

Gina @ HottBooks

Our Evening

WOW. What a wonderful evening! My family is so sick! It started out as a typical evening. I picked the kids up after school, rush home to get them a snack, walk the dogs, feed the bunnies, rush out the door to make practice on time. As i turned the […]

Gina @ HottBooks