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Review: Thaw

‘Ruth is 32 years old and doesn’t know if she wants to be 33…’ Beginning on March 1st Ruth began writing in a journal so that she could decide whether […]

Loyalty in Death

Click here to buy Loyalty in Death at Just a typical case for Eve & Peabody. Owner of a ‘Tools & Toys’ manufacturer is screwed to death by his girlfriend […]

Lie by Moonlight

Click Here to see Lie By Moonlight at B& Ambrose Wells is private investigator whose latest engagement brings him to Aldwick Castle where he finds four young girls and their teacher fleeing […]

With This Ring

Leo, Earl of Monkcrest, AKA ‘The Mad Monk’, is utterly shocked when a carriage pulls up to the door of his country estate. He barely welcomes invited quests and it’s […]