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Cause & Effect (Adventures in Odyssey, vol.52),

My family spends tons of time in our car. We’re always going somewhere – unfortunately. When my kids were little I found that the typical ‘kids’ music just gets on your nerves after a little while. The only time was could stay in the car with them happy and me headache free was on Saturday mornings when the local Christian radio station played the Audio Drama shows. I remembered them from my own childhood and could really get into them. So I started buying them as gifts for the kids at every holiday. Yes, I felt guilty because they were really for my sanity but I figured that a happy mom was a terrific gift for the children. That sounds good, righ?

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I generally get them by the volume and we listen to them over and over. This fall when Tyndale offered Volume 52 Cause and Effect for review I snapped it up. It was an awesome day because we hadn’t heard any ‘new’ episodes (meaning, ones I hadn’t already downloaded onto my iPod) since Easter. Mainly because we’re always at soccer on Saturday mornings.

There are twelve episodes in Volume 52 and I’ll give you just a short review on each.

The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Episode: 667, 668
Lesson/Theme: Be sure your sin will find you out

The city clock tower won’t tell the actual time and Eugene is running out of time to track down what may happen when time runs out.
Wooten’s Broken Pencil Show, Episode: 669
Lesson/Theme: ????
This was hilarious – that was by all of my kids. In this episode kids seem to learn whether it’s ok to have fun without a point or if everything needs to have a lesson.
Stage Fright, Episode: 670
Lesson/Theme: Fear
‘You will rue the day’ you didn’t listen to this episode!
Fast As I Can, Episode: 671
Lesson/Theme: Fasting
I think this was the most discussion provoking story for our family. Why fast? How do we fast? Should we fast? Terrific conversations!!
Opposite Day, Episode: 672
Lesson/Theme: Friendship
Is it okay to allow someone to believe you are something you’re not?
The Owlnapping, Episode: 673
Lesson/Theme: Only God has true power
Does the school mascot keep the Odyssey Owls winning streak in tact?
Square One, Episode: 674
Lesson/Theme: Trust
Do you know when someone can’t be trusted? How do you regain trust once it’s been lost – listen to others find out so you don’t make the same mistakes!
A Thankstaking Story, Episode: 675
Lesson/Theme: Being thankful
A cute twist on ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
An Agreeable Nanny, Episode: 676
Lesson/Theme: Responsibility
Do your preteens think they can handle life without a sitter? See how this family found out.
The Malted Milkball Falcon, Episode: 677
Lesson/Theme: Honesty
The kids at Wit’s End are raising money – all they have to do is to rock all night. For every hour that they rock their sponsor will donate some bucks. But sometime during the night something comes up missing and the kids have to decide: Is it more important to raise the money or to tell the truth?
Grandma’s Christmas Visit, Episode: 678
Lesson/Theme: The true meaning of Christmas
Connie puts on a traditional Mexican Christmas Pageant/Parade but is it at the expense of their Christmas Spirit?

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  1. It always bothered me that the only Christian music station in the area was boring. So I started buying these for the kids when they were little. Now we're all hooked – even though there is finally a station that I'll let them listen to.

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