I believe this may be one of my favorite In Death novels.
Ceremony started out really slowly. As a matter of fact, I almost put it down several times. For me this is terribly odd. The writing style of this book was a bit different than others in the series and actually there were quite a lot more players than usual.
The book begins with Eve at the funeral of another cop, Frank. Frank is a good cop and a very close friend of Feeney – and we know how much Eve love Feeney. At the funeral, Frank’s granddaughter, Alice, slips a note into Eve’s pocket asking for a meeting. Eve wonders about this but she begins to wonder even more the next day when Captain Whitney calls her into his office and orders her to perform an investigation of Frank – before Internal Affairs does. Eve doesn’t like it but what can she do? Of course, she immediately requests the assistance of Feeney. Feeney is denied – she must also clear any potential involvement from him.
This book very much delves into Eve’s relationships with her friends. You can’t help but hurt for her when she’s trying to do her job and keep the investigation quiet – especially from Feeney.Jamie Lingstrom, one of my favorite characters is introduced in this book. His friendship with Eve and Roarke is almost immediate.

Rating: A

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