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Challenge Update: April, May, June Wrap-Up… Oops!

Summer has begun! Yippee!!

As of June 27th my challenge status’ are:

I’ve still not started:

Oscar Wilde

0/4 books. 0% done!

I’ve progressed on:

Reading Challenge Addict

8/26 contests. 31% done!


7/24 books. 29% done!


I’ve reached my goal 9/52 wks

Bible in a Year

I’ve completed 178/365 days!

Just for Fun

7/12 books. 58% done!

Mystery & Suspense

9/12 books. 75% done!

5/12 books. 42% done!

11/12 books. 92% done!

Alphabet Challenge

21/26 books. 81% done!

18/42 books. 43% done!

1/3 books. 33% done!

Read Your Own Books

10/12 books. 83% done!

70/100 books. 70% done!

2011 Reading Challenge

Regina has read 70 books toward her goal of 100 books.

1/10 books. 10% done!

Get Steampunked!

1/10 books. 10% done!

1/12 books. 8% done!

Classics Forever

2/12 books. 17% done!

Thus far, I’ve completed:

Harlequin Reading Challenge

5/5 books. 100% done!

Romance Reading

12/12 books. 100% done!

Chick Lit

4/4 books. 100% done!

It's Not What but Where

7/7 books. 100% done!

12/12 books. 100% done!

20/20 books. 100% done!

10/6 books. 166% done!

30/42 books. 63%

8/8 books. 100% done!

I also started a new challenge:

10/16 books. 63% done!

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3 thoughts on “Challenge Update: April, May, June Wrap-Up… Oops!

  1. I think you can cut yourself some slack on the Wilde Challenge, given how well you're doing on all the rest! Well done!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! It does bother me, but I'm working on it. I love The Importance of Being Earnest so it's on my soon to read list.

    Actually, I'm having trouble finishing the alphabet challenge. I'm planing on using Ophelia (The Devil Who Tamed Her) for O, Xerxes (Bible) for X & Queen Esther (Bible) for Q. But I'm having trouble with U & Y.

  3. I am just terrible at challenges. I sign up for a bunch and I do keep track of how I'm doing but I never go back to the sites and post my reviews for those that want that. That seems to be the step that I am missing out on.

    I guess the challenges are more for me. They encourage me to select from a variety of genres instead of just focusing on a favored few.

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