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Challenge Update: February

Today is February 28th and as such I must admit to my challenge statuses. I’ve actually gotten off to a fairly good start.

Reading Challenge Addict

3/25 contests. 12% done!


4/24 books. 17% done!


At the end of week 8 (2/28) I’ve reached my goal 4 / 52 weeks

Bible in a Year

On 2/28 I’ve completed 59 / 352 days. 17% done!

Harlequin Reading Challenge

1/5 books. 20% done!

Just for Fun

1/12 books. 8% done!

Romance Reading

4/12 books. 33% done!

It's Not What but Where

0/7 books. 0% done!

10/6 books. 166% done!

Classics Forever

0/12 books. 0% done!

Oscar Wilde

0/4 books. 0% done!

4/8 books. 50% done!

Chick Lit

2/4 books. 50% done!

Mystery & Suspense

6/12 books. 50% done!

0/12 books. 0% done!

0/10 books. 0% done!

Get Steampunked!

0/10 books. 0% done!

1/12 books. 8% done!

12/12 books. 100% done!

2/12 books. 17% done!

20/20 books. 100% done!

Alphabet Challenge

19/26 books. 73% done!

17/40 books. 43% done!

1/3 books. 33% done!

27/100 books. 27% done!

2011 Reading Challenge

Regina has read 18 books toward her goal of 100 books.

Read Your Own Books

1/12 books. 8% done!

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4 thoughts on “Challenge Update: February

  1. WOW…look at you go!!! Good job!!! Have a ?? I know I'm bad at math BUT you have 27/100 for BCC 100 Challenge and then there's a meter that has 34/100. Are you trying to trick and confuse me lol? Did Bev put you up to this lol?

  2. Don't laugh.. It's because I don't count children's books towards my BCC 100+ Challenge but they are counted in my GR 100+ challenge.

  3. Great job and no I am not jealous because you fit all that including progress bars into one post. I could if I wanted to ya know.

    Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to all of us. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. Thanks, @SenoraG, but, ummm, I really just do it once and then copy all of the important stuff into a Google doc & just create a new post from that every month. That way it doesn't take too much time.

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