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Charlie All Night, Jennifer Cruise

I must say: What is it with Jennifer Cruise and all of this blinking? and Pot Stickers? By the end of reading the fourth book my eyes itched and I was hungry for Chinese.
I must admit that although I did enjoy this book it wasn’t terrific. The plot was ok – it had great potential – but it just didn’t cut it.

A friend of Charlie’s dad, Bill, asked Charlie to come to work undercover at his radio station and see why he’s gotten an anonymous letter saying that something illegal was happening at the station. So Charlie jumped on board and came to the rescue. His first day there he runs into Allie – who just happens to be slated to be his producer – and they hit it off. He immediately drops his hotel and moves in with her.

It’s not a bad book but I guess by the time I got through the 4th Jennifer Cruise book in less than a week I’d read more sentences about blinking that I was getting a bit annoyed. So I’d say it’s a definite read – just don’t read her books one right after the other…

Charlie All Night (Mira)
Rating: C

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