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Christian Fiction Book Club – February

The February 2011 installment of the Christian Fiction Book Club is being held at The Doorkeeper.
This month Renee has chosen us each to read a book of our choice.

Do you know what? I’ve not read one.

Now, I’ve read Christian Fiction this month but nothing that truly struck me. Now, I only have one week left and I’ve not even prepared. I feel like the it’s the night before finals and I’ve forgotten to study! I wanted to read Softly & Tenderly by Sara Evans, Rachel Hauck but for some odd reason I’ve just not picked it up. I hope I can get it done by the end of the week…

Are you better when there’s a directive or can you meander your way through your TBR pile?

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7 thoughts on “Christian Fiction Book Club – February

  1. I'm better with a plan, but I participate in three or four online book clubs and sometimes I get too bogged down on all my club reads. Then I start to stress that I am not making enough progress on my challenges. I shouldn't worry–reading is reading, right?

  2. I have no plan when it comes to reading… its usually whatever I a in the mood for and often that changes as I go. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A great Christian Fiction read I would recommend is Safely Home by Randy ALcorn.

  3. I've been wanted to read Softly and Tenderly too. I requested it on Netgalley but haven't heard back yet. So that's probably not going to be the one I use for book club.

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