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Christmas Review: A Patchwork Christmas

It’s that time again! It’s time for my 30 reviews of Christmas. This year, I’m starting early though — I mean, I can’t wait until December to buy these books so why should you?

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Are you ready?

30 Days of Christmas 2012, #6

Three Christmas Romances with Bonus Handcraft Patterns and Cookie Recipes

Seems Like Love

Karla has been hiding her hopes and dreams of being a wife and mother ever since her betrothed married another. Yet, it seems that a childhood friend wants to see her start to hope again – will he manage to get her hopes up or will Karla be able to keep her heart locked safely away?

Review: It was terribly sweet but a bit slow. A perfect story for teens and grandmas.

Author: Judith Miller
Grade: B+
Ages: 14+

A Patchwork Love

Jane’s options are runing low. She’s down to her last sticks of kindling, only a crust of bread and small piece of cheese, and her ten-year old daughter, Molly, appears to have a cough. What Jane does have, however, are two tickets to Dener with an invitation for an extended vistit… With a man that Molly doesn’t really like. Does a widow really have an option, though?

Review: I loved it! So romantic. It almost felt like it could have happened tomorrow.

Author: Stephanie Grace Whitson
Grade: A
Ages: 14+

The Bridal Quilt

With hopes of a Christmas proposal Ada is in fairy-tale land until Samuel, the man of her dreams, decides that he’s needed in the slums of New York and that she is too good to go with him. Not even allowing her a choice Samuel disappears from her life – a life that has lost meaning.
Until an odd accident brings Samuel back… but how can she prove to him that she can handle the life he’s chosen?


Author: Nancy Moser
Grade: A
Ages: 14+

My overall thoughts

This was a really good book. While I didn’t love the first novella the other two more than made up for that bit of ambivalence. The Christian Fiction part of these is done in such a way that it shouldn’t turn off non-Christians but Christians can see God’s Hand in the events and love throughout the entire book.


Overall Grade: A

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