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Christmas Review: Lionel’s Christmas Adventure

30 Days of Christmas 2012, 21

It’s that time again! It’s time for my 30 reviews of Christmas.
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Lionel Learns the True Meaning of Christmas

Hott Synopsis

Christmas is coming and all Lionel can think about is the Turbo 5000 sled sled he wants for Christmas… well, that and the lovely Carrie.

Lionel knows it’s not coming from his mom — she laughed him right out of the house. Is it wrong of his to ask his best friend’s parents? Of course it is! But does that stop his mouth from running? Of course not!

Maybe if he’s very careful his magical Three-Toed-Potbellied Walbaun foot will give him the wish he’d like instead of something embarrassingly wrong.

Hott Review

What I liked: This was fun, silly, and educational. It was a nice book that teaches the joy of giving to others for those who prefer that their child’s Christmas not be Christ centered but it’s close enough that Christians can see where ‘the rubber meets the road’.
What I didn’t like: I loved it but I couldn’t get my kids to finish it by themselves. They enjoyed it when it was read to them but…


Author: Paul R. Hewlett
Source: A Gift from the Author in Exchange for a HONEST review.
Grade: A
Series: Lionel’s Grand Adventure

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Review: Lionel’s Christmas Adventure

    1. Actually, this may be a bit young for her. Depends on her reading ‘tude. It’s great for boys of that age that don’t particularly like to read but she should try North Pole High instead.

    2. I have to agree with Gina. While I think you granddaughter may very well enjoy it, it might be a bit too young for her. As Gina said, it all depends on her reading ‘tude. Thank you so much for stopping by & sharing your thoughts. Have a happy holiday season.

      Paul R. Hewlett

  1. I’m a Lionel fan and think his stories are just right for children who have began to read with confidence by themselves. The author allows his lovable character to be mischievous, and because Lionel’s always getting into trouble, these fun stories demonstrate without being preachy, what can go wrong when kids ignore the rules.

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