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Christmas Review: North Pole High – A Rebel Without a Claus

30 Days of Christmas 2012, 22

It’s that time again! It’s time for my 30 reviews of Christmas.
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Hott Synopsis

UGH! Candycane is in shock! Sure they need a dentist at the pole but did he really need to bring is no-style gloomy son?


And what’s a girl to do? Especially since she’s The Big Guy’s daughter, Candycane must be nice until… well, until the only chore she has is to remember she already has a boyfriend.

Can she stop these insane thoughts before she ruins her perfectly crafted life?

Hott Review

What I liked: This book was amazing! It absolutely astonished me how the author could utilize so many different hilarious Christmassy puns on every page. Yet, each page managed to capture the heart of a group of fun-loving teens and their trials of growing up.

What I didn’t like: The food was so sweet it made my teeth ache! The only other thing was that it was so ‘Legally Blonde’ or ‘Clueless’ that I could only read it for an hour or so before needing to take a break… I did enjoy picking it up again though!


Author: Candace Jane Kringle
Facebook: http://facebook.com/NorthPoleHigh
Twitter: http://twitter.com/CandycaneClaus
Goodreads: http:goodreads.com/CandycaneClaus
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/NorthPoleHigh
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review
Grade: B+
Steam: YA

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Review: North Pole High – A Rebel Without a Claus

  1. Hey! I just finished this book!
    LOL yeah it was overly silly, but… for any other book it would be ick but for a Christmas book I thought it was ok.
    Plus, being a younger reader I thought it was ok.
    Really fun book to read I loved it!
    Posting my review on Mon.

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