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Christmas Review | The Winter Letter

Goodreads Synopsis:

On his thirteenth birthday Will receives a strange letter from a king. The letter is full of nonsense, so he figures it’s a prank, but then there are three knocks on his front door. By the next day his entire world has fallen apart and the strange letter makes perfect sense.

Near the closing the letter reads: Tomorrow, get on the 3:30 train. Go south. Get off at sunset and walk deep into the eastern woods. Knock on the door of the only house you come across…

Did this so-called king know what was going to happen beforehand or did he orchestrate the ordeal himself? Will must know, so he sets out on an epic journey that takes him to a world full of magic and war, with new friends and new enemies. In the end he comes face to face with the one responsible. His life will never be the same.

Lovers of simple fantasy with deep meaning, such as The Chronicles of Narnia and A Wrinkle in Time, will fall full into this simple story based on the deeper truths of love, hope, and faith!

Hott Review:

AMAZING!!! I loved this book! I’m thinking the next “The Princess Bride”.

This was the perfect read for the family. Each of us enjoyed it, were entranced, and were enriched by it in many ways. This is a must have for your shelf!!

To tell you how versatile this book was – I was reading it to my 10 yr old daughter when she was sick. My 16 yr old son overheard part of it & sat down to listen. When I couldn’t read anymore he grabbed his kindle & immediately downloaded & finished it. Yep! Don’t miss this one!!


Author: Dustan Stanley
Source: Amazon FreeRead on Nov 22, 2012
Grade: A+
Ages: 4+
Series: The King of All, #1

Author Bio:

Dustan Stanley is a world traveling missionary, a writer, and the Founder of Revolutionary Life International. He often takes long journeys to the most remote places on earth to meet wonderful people and discovers new stories. These are the stories he shares with the world.
His first international adventure happened when he was seventeen. He traveled with his church to Peru and caught a parasite while dangling his legs from the rocks a Machu Pichu. When he returned home he kissed the ground. Sure, he would never leave again, but secretly knowing better.
That didn’t last long. A few years later, after thr terrible Tsunami, Dustan found himself back on the mission field helping the wonderful Indonesian people rebuild their lives. For months he lived in a tent, hiked across Islands, and fell in love with the unexplored world (at least unexplored to him). He would never be the same.
Almost as soon as Dustan returned to his home state of Mississippi, hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. So, it was back to delivering food, cutting trees with power saws, digging through piles of rubble, and housing people running from the storm. One night, in the horrible post Katrina heat, to the flicker of candle light, a friend asked Dustan to tell her a story.
“A boy stood by a mailbox in the snow,” he said. And, that was the start of Dustan’s first book, The Winter Letter.
During this time Dustan met, fell giddy for, and married his love, Darlene. A year later they packed two backpacks, gathered a few hundred dollars, and bought a one way ticket to Asia. The goal: learn whatever it was God would teach them, network and serve, and share the story of Jesus. Fourteen nations and fourteen months later they returned as two totally different people with a passionate dream of touching the world with the love of Christ.
This was the beginning of Revolutionary Life.
Currently Dustan is producing the second season of their TV program, The Revolutionary Life, and he is writing book two of The King of All series.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Review | The Winter Letter

  1. Whoa. I MUST check this out.

    So hey, I wanted to say thank you for always being you. For always posting free ebooks and being such a great bloggy friend.

    Hope you and your family have a gorgeous blessed Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Mr. Stanley, I must say – I was tremendously shocked that a book that was so well written was free so I almost didn’t grab it — My would that have been a mistake!!!
      THANK YOU! We can’t wait for your next one 😉

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