Jul 212009

Good News: W.V. School Board Upholds Rights of All Kids

A West Virginia school board has voted unanimously not to include ‘sexual orientation’ as a special category in a new cultural-diversity policy – marking a significant victory for parents and pro-family advocates who used a Focus on the Family resource.

Family advocates said if sexual orientation was not removed from the bullying policy by the Kanawha County School Board, it would have created a special class of protection for some students based on sexual orientation or gender identity, while leaving others unprotected. It could also have set up a system that would be ripe for reverse discrimination.

Jeremiah Dys, president of The Family Policy Council of West Virginia, said adult activists are trying to push an agenda at the expense of children’s education.

‘We don’t need to create an inequitable system of justice within our public school system simply to cater to a radical homosexual agenda,’ he said.

Had ‘sexual orientation’ been included in the policy, teachers could have been forced to teach about homosexuality to kids as young as first grade.

The board’s decision came after parents and concerned citizens gave them information from the Focus on the Family Web sijavascript:void(0)te truetolerance.org, which offers detailed information on countering promotion of homosexuality in the schools.

The board’s decision came after reviewing the Focus on the Family Web site truetolerance.org, which offers detailed information on homosexuality in the schools.

— Nima Reza
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