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Review: Cowboy Christmas by @maryconnealy

Annette doesn’t have enough crosses to bear.

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Because that is what we are to do, correct? We know best how much we can handle so we should keep asking God for more? Well, that’s what Annette seems to think.

Her mother died while she was still young and her father didn’t feel up to taking care of Annette and the ranch so he sent her off to an east coast boarding school. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, everyone laughed at her because she wasn’t sent money for nice clothes or other necessities so she didn’t have any friends. But she found solace in the Lord and joined a missionary group so that she could sing of her love for God and bring others to Him. That, of course, didn’t turn up as planned and the director turned the place into a house of ill-repute and wants Annette to sing bawdy songs while wearing sleazy clothes or he’ll beat her and her elderly piano player.

Should Annette run for her life or stand up for her God?

My Thoughts

I loved this book. Mostly for personal reasons. Asking fro crosses really struck a chord for me. Frequently I expect God just laughs at me when I’m praying – I deserve it! Why do we always ask for more than we can handle? Why don’t we just ask Him to give us the trials and strengths we can handle? He does know best.

Oh, yeah… the book. I loved Annette. She was exactly right for this book. Elijah was okay, I didn’t love him but when compared to Annette I couldn’t just love him. Generally, when a character does something that I think is stupid I want to strangle her and get perturbed with the book, but Annette’s stupid moves were each something I’d have done in that same situation that I actually couldn’t fault her… much.

What I didn’t like? I felt that there was a loose end or two. Hopefully they were left as prologue to another book?

Rating: A
Buy or Borrow: Buy – you’ll want to share this one!
Steam: Quite a bit of kissing and thinking… nothing too graphic for a teen.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Cowboy Christmas by @maryconnealy

  1. Oooo great review.

    I agree. Sometimes we get so caught up in asking for things we forget to let him just lead us and ask for what he knows is right.

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