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Crazy-for-Books.com: The Book Blogger Hop: March 26, 2010

Crazy-for-Books.com: The Book Blogger Hop: March 26, 2010

Good Friday to you!!

I’ve decided to try something new. I’m not sure what I want more – followers or to find new people to follow… Nope it’s probably just new ideas of authors to read.

So in that spirit I’ve decided to join the Book Blogger Hop, where people sign up and try out others blogs to see what they like. -Don’t be too hard on my site it’s still not exactly right, but i’d love suggestions –

So if you’re looking for new books to read or just want to try something new, click on over to the Book Blogger’s Hop.

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9 thoughts on “Crazy-for-Books.com: The Book Blogger Hop: March 26, 2010

  1. Yea! I am your 4th follower! I found you through the blog hop and we have some books in common. I also am doing an "In Death" reading challenge this year. I just finished Imitation In Death but haven't reviewed it yet. If you are interested in checking out my blog you can find it at https://crysteena73.blogspot.com/

  2. I have just found your wonderful blog through this meme and am happy to be a new follower. I absolutly love the purple of your blog, it's very calming and overall very pretty!

  3. WOW! Thanks for following everyone! I'm glad you're interested. I love reading and hope that I can help you to find more books to love!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I'm so loving the hop! I'm meeting lots of terrific bloggers – I'll never have time to read all of this – and finding TONS of terrific books.

    Yeah, HOP!!

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