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Review: Curious George Goes Camping

George and The Man With the Yellow Hat finally get to go camping!

Of course, George loves to do all of the camping stuff – setting up the tent, preparing the fire, looking at the trees, visiting the lake, meeting the forest animals. What could possibly happen in a forest to make his curiosity run amok?

My Thoughts

I know… you’re shocked. It’s the very first children’s book I’ve reviewed on my blog. Well, honestly I’m not sure why I’ve not reviewed them before, it’s probably because I was afraid that by the time I got done reviewing it there would be no reason left to buy the book.

Anyway, I enjoy this book – quite often, in fact, as I always have my Nook & Skeeter loves George – however, it doesn’t work so well on the Nook. In order to accommodate the epub formatting they’ve included full scans of the page with the words to follow. This works really well for the single page pictures but when the pictures span two pages they’ve included them together, then included them separately, then added the words. It’s a bit silly, but you get used to it. It also seems funny that the Nook says the book is six pages, the scanned pages go to sixteen, and I turn the page more than twenty times.

However, this is an excellent book and I’d suggest having several children’s books on hand – it makes time fly when the nieces & nephews begin to get bored!

Rating: B+
Buy or Borrow: Buy – you’ll re-read & re-read

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