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Dark Pursuit, Brandilyn Collins

Kaitlin has just realized that she’s pregnant. She just can’t stop feeling queasy, oh, then there were the two little pink lines on that test.
It’s really a good things her clients had cancelled for the afternoon and she could go because her head just really isn’t in it. Is God punishing her for not following him as she should? Wow, is she jumpy! Will the whole pregnancy be like this? As she goes into her apartment something just doesn’t feel right. What is it? Hmm. Craig, her boyfriend’s, pen is on the table – it wasn’t there this morning. Her blanket is on the floor. No, it wasn’t like that when she left. Something else isn’t right. What is it?

Oh!! It’s the dead body on her bed. Yes, that’s it exactly. Kaitlin is positive that wasn’t there when she left. Wait a minute – Craig’s absolutely been here was he the one who killed this person. Then her cell phone rings. Uh-oh, it’s Craig and he wan’ts to know how work is… hmmm, work is good….

Kaitlin has no idea what to do next so she runs to the only person she know that can help – her grandfather. Never mind that that last time she saw him she was on drugs and stealing his most prized possession.

Dark Pursuit is a good book. It’s not great but adequate. It’s not horrifying but there are moments of suspense. It’s not religious – it actually seems as if the sections about praying and living for God are an afterthought. The better part of the story is her relationship with her grandfather and his housekeeper. It’s not something I’d go out to buy but if you’re unable to find anything else in the library that looks interesting it’s not a bad book.

Rating: C

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