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Day 11 Review: Holiday Kisses

Welcome to my 30 Days of Christmas Reviews Holiday Feature!30 Days of Christmas Reviews

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This Time Next Year
by Alison Kent

Hott Synopsis: Is it really the choices we make that are wrong our just the regrets we have from those choices.
Neither Brenna nor Dillon can help but wonder.
Dillon went to Afghanistan and returned a war hero but missed his father’s final days. He can’t seem to come to terms with the detrimental effect his offer to help the war effort had on his life.
Brenna is spending her last days with her grandmother before traveling overseas to work as a nurse with the impoverished. She can’t help but wonder if she’ll lose her grandmother during her time away and spend the rest of her life regretting her decision to help others.

Review: Maybe it was all the talk about this possibly being the last year with Gran. Maybe it was the frank discussions of the choices and losses across the sea. There was nothing wrong with the story but I really just didn’t love it.

Grade: C
Steam: Wowsers!

A Rare Gift
by Jaci Burton

Hott Synopsis: Is it wrong to fantasize about your big sister’s ex-husband?
They’ve been divorced longer than they were married, so he should be fair game.
Especially when your sister is one of those shallow self-centered types.

Review: I really enjoyed this. It was fun and cute. Definitely something I’ll grab again.
Grade: B+
Steam: Oh my, Oh my!

It’s Not Christmas Without You
by HelenKay Dimon

Hott Synopsis: True love or dream job? That was choice Carrie had to make. She chose the job and left her high school sweetheart, Austin, and her beloved West Virginia behind for greener pastures in DC.
Austin may not have compromised when Carrie had to chose but he really didn’t think she’d make the wrong choice. Or that she’d stay away for so long. It seems that now it’s up to him to show her the error of her ways.

Review: Absolutely beautiful.
Grade: A
Steam: Jiminy Christmas

Mistletoe and Margaritas
by Shannon Stacey

Hott Synopsis: Justin has been in love with Claire for five years.
She’s never guessed his feelings. Could never fathom the extent.
Three of those five years she was married to his best friend but the last two she’s been his widow.
Until a few margaritas and some strategically placed mistletoe change the rules.

Review: I laughed. I cried. I wished it was longer.
Grade: A
Steam: Hot Toddy

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5 thoughts on “Day 11 Review: Holiday Kisses

  1. Oh, so its 4 short stories under one roof!
    I saw this one was us for nook. But didn’t get it. I like Shannon Stacey though I have read her before.

    I like that you reviewed each story as on individual instead of the book as a whole! I will have to remember that. One of my Christmas books is a book of shorts.

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