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Day 12 Review: Dating Mr. December

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Hott Synopsis

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Pitching your smoothies at your boss’s head is not the best way to garner a good recommendation but when you find her shagging your boyfriend it’s a bit difficult to process thoughts effectively.

So now, Emma is relegated to doing PR for a volunteer rescue company in the middle of nowhere hours from her glamourous life as an account agent for the top agency in London. Getting volunteers to strip down for racy calendar may just end what’s left of her career. Especially when Will decides it’s a silly idea.

Hott Review

Not Christmassy at all.

I was expecting fun and mistletoe at no point was Christmas mentioned. I assumed – wrongly – that if the cover had a Santa hat on it that Santa would be mentioned.

It was a fun book though the used English slang from the first English speaking country was quite confusing to me for some reason. I was concerned that it would be a bit steamy for my tastes but overall it was very light and not at all vulgar.

Author: Phillipa Ashley
Grade: C+
Steam: Adult

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3 thoughts on “Day 12 Review: Dating Mr. December

  1. Juju, Thanks for stopping by… Sorry, I accidentally killed your comment – but I agree. I’d had this on my tbr pile for quite a while thinking it was a Christmas read and was VERY disappointed by that revelation!

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