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Day 19 Review: A Regency Holiday

Coventry’s Christmas
by Rebecca Hagan Lee
With the death of her father Amabel isn’t left with many options. Her step-mother wants Amabel gone from their little village so Amabel sets off with the name and address of her guardian and the name and address of a shelter. Only, her guardian’s home is closed and the shelter is really an exclusive house of ill repute. Amabel just needs to find a family.

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Hott Thoughts: This novella was ok. It was very Christmasy but not very romantic, enthralling, or humorous. I enjoyed the characters and the plot it just felt a bit flat to me.
Grade: B
Steam: Y/A

Star of Wonder
by Lynn Kerstan
Kiro has one chance to save his parents lives. He must infiltrate the house of an unknown quarry and retrieve the star that was stolen from his family. Only in exchange for this priceless star will he’s families lives be spared.
Except, the thief is no longer in residence, only his maiden daughter and those she loves.
Grade: B+
Steam: Y/A

A Christmas Homecoming
by Allison Pace
Alex is finally returning. Returning to the home he fled. The home that banished him. The fiancé that chose another over him.
Returning to find that his cousin is slowly dipping into the family coffers. Returning to find the elderly treated disrespectfully. Returning to find the woman that payed him false living under his roof.
Alex will fix this.
Grade: A
Steam: Y/A

Home for Christmas
by Alicia Rasley
All Verity needs to go home for the holidays is a husband. She desperately needs to have her daughter accepted. So when a captain appears on her doorstep looking for one of her father’s antiques Verity assumes all of her problems are solved. Now she only needs to convince the captain to pretend to be her husband and convince her father that they’ve been married for years.
Grade: A+
Steam: Y/A

Hott Review

This is definitely a book I’ll grab again. I didn’t love the first one but I know I’ll read it again on my way to the last two – they were great!

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