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Day 25 Review: The Santa Club

Hott Synopsis

Is Santa Real?

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How can he travel to all of those homes in such a short amount of time?
It’s impossible.
How could it be?
Will Santa visit me?

Is your home plagued by children on the cusp of growing out of their childhood beliefs?
Do you need a fun and easy to understand way to move them from their belief in Santa to the celebration of Jesus without taking away the magic?

This IS the book for you!

Hott Review

This one is going under my tree this year! It’s the perfect children’s book to still help them believe in the magic of Santa but progress into the real meaning behind the first gift.


Author: Kelly Moss
Grade: A
Ages: 8-12

** Thank you CMash for the book! You were right! It is just what we needed this year!

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