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How do you fight for a victim when you’re relieved by their death?
Do you stay because it needs to be done or because you know that walking away will be easier the next time?
Eve just can’t get past what a hate filled person her first foster mother was – especially when the woman mistakenly thinks she can shake down Roarke for the millions she earned by taking care of Eve in the days after she was first found bloody and battered in a Dallas alley.
But Eve must find a way to make herself search out this killer through her antipathy.

Hott Review

I enjoyed this but…. Not. I loved it the first time but this time, the second time I’ve read it, it just wasn’t as good. It was still interesting but not something I’ll grab to read on a whim.


Author: J.D. Robb // Nora Roberts
Grade: C+
Steam: Adult
Series: In Death #22

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13 Replies to “Day 29 Review: Memory in Death”

  1. How interesting that you liked this one less the second time around. I happened to really enjoy it, but you know what? There were a few scenes in which I thought Eve was a little too … what’s the word? Crass, maybe? I know she’s got a tough attitude and a fresh mouth, but I thought she was a bit overboard a couple of times.

    So are we on to Origin in Death in January?

    1. Yes! I’m so excited! I do need to read the novella, as well, I’ve not gotten to it yet.
      Again – I need to catch up!

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