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Day 9 Review: A Clockwork Christmas

Welcome to my 30 Days of Christmas Reviews Holiday Feature!30 Days of Christmas Reviews

Beginning November 26th and continuing through December 31st, I will be posting 30 Christmas Reviews. Shop by Christmas 30 and find great new reads for Christmas.

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Crime Wave in a Corset

Hott Synopsis

When Cornelia hears herself described as a ‘crime wave in a corset’ she knows the jig is up. Unless, of course, she can escape this crazy professor who has attached the deadly timepiece to her wrist and the restitution he’s devised for her nefarious deeds.

Hott Review

I loved it. I could read a whole series with these characters!

Quite graphically steamy but not distasteful.

Grade: A
Steam: Wowsers!!

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This Winter Heart

Hott Synopsis

Ophelia’s back. That clockwork automation that tricked Dario into marrying her. How dare she return? And now, claiming to have borne his son? As if that were even possible! Yet, the child seems so real…. And Ophelia feels so right…

Hott Review

I detested this book, but I can’t say for sure if it was the book I hated or just Dario. What a pompous, arrogant fool!

Grade: B
Steam: Adult

Wanted: One Scoundrel

Hott Synopsis

Esme needs not only a scoundrel but a manageable, honorable scoundrel. Luckily, her uncle knows just the man.Jedediah’s first impression of Esme is that she’s a bossy baggage, but that’s okay with him. Only a weak man is afraid of a strong woman and Jedediah’s looking forward to helping her fight for the women’s rights movement she’s instigating.

Hott Review

This was my favorite bit of Steampunk yet! The descriptions! The characters! The adventure! This one story is worth the price of the book!!

Grade: A+
Steam: None

Far From Broken

Hott Synopsis

He lied to her, he left her to be destroyed, then when she begged for death he had her rebuilt. Saved. All in the name of love. Will Calliandra ever be able to forgive her husband for the deception that caused so much pain?

Hott Review

I had my heart in my throat for most of this book. Jasper’s love and guilty conscience brought tears to my eyes many times. Callie’s anger and love were wonderful yet devastating.

Grade: B
Steam: Adult

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