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Review: Desires of a Perfect Lady

Ten years ago the Earl of Wyldewood didn’t help Lady Olivia Rathbourne when she needed him most, now he’s standing in her home offering his assistance. Like he can be trusted!
Olivia’s husband, never a kind man, has decided to enjoy death. In order to gain her inheritance, Olivia must complete his last remaining incomplete antiquities collections. While there is no time limit for this adventure he has also provided no funds. How in the world will she be able to pull this off?Olivia had never wanted Rathbourne, her father had forced her to marry him. She had written to Wyldewood several times begging him to rescue her but he refused to acknowledge her. She had thought he wanted to marry her – was she mistaken? He married shortly after she did. Was she wrong about him?

And the most important question of all: Can she trust him now?

What a terrific book. No, it doesn’t have the danger of ‘The Virgin’s Secret’ but it has adventure – lot’s of adventure! And, of course, with any Victoria Alexander book, it’s funny. The characters are always sarcastic, zany, and witty – for me that really is what makes the book. Well, first there has to be a plot… but she handles those as well.READ IT! It’s a terrific book.

Rating: A+

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